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After all the changes I made to I thought I was home and hosed. Will imagine my surprise when I found my pages were failing. I realized the problem had to be in one of the two new plugins I used.

I installed Wordfence Security and Aweber signup plugins. Because the Wordfence was a security program I thought it may be the culprit. It was removed first. The problem was still there. I then got rid of the Aweber plugin which was actually the last one installed. If I had thought more about it this should have been my first suspect.

I thought I still had and so I reinstalled the Epic Squeeze plugin and voila it was working again. I put the Aweber back in and guess what the problem resurfaced. I have sent an email to the Epic Squeeze support email to let them know about the problem and how I got around it.

Now I can go to bed at 10:30pm

Onward Toward Snoozing and a good sleep.

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