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I have recently joined a company called Prosperity of Life.

I have been searching for this company for most of my life. You see I have been in and out of home business opportunities more a large part of my life. I began around 35 years ago when my wife (at the time) and I joined Amway. We were sold on the idea that we could buy the products cheaper that if we were the consumer. We would also be able to use the products so we could perform demonstrations to prospective customers. We hoped we could impart the same logic to our friends and family.

Needless to say things did not go well. More or less the same thing happened went my then wife joined Avon. Once again we approached the business with high hopes. While things went a bit better with Avon the Amway products still gathered dust in our cupboards. Let me state here there is nothing wrong with these products and companies. The I did not do well was me and where I was in life at the time.

It was when I separated from first wife that I became aware of just how limiting my believes were. I was very shaken by the fact that I left my two young children behind and I missed terribly and it showed. I lost my job and spent two months out of work. At the time I did not realise I was very stressed out. One of my friends suggested I should get some help. I got some professional guidance around 1986/7 which helped. I then got interested in a program called Insight in August 1989 and I got very involved there. I did all the their programs I could and also assisted where I could.

I shied away from these sort of home businesses for a while. Partly because I didn’t do well and partly because I decided to work on myself. I also went travelling for a while with my second wife. That kept me out of Australia and away from home business opportunities. I was too engrossed in being a computer programmer and travelling around UK, Europe and a couple of USA trips. One was to New York two weeks after 911. I found New York rather subdued and the trip a very sobering experience.

I also kept my interest in self-improvement by reading book and so on. As part of my self-development I attended a Tony Robbins seminar in London. This gave my further insight into my wealth consciousness. This has been a large block in my life.

When I returned to Australia in 2004 after getting out of the computer business I continued my self-development. towards the end of the year I had a car accident where I was rendered unconscious. I went to hospital in an ambulance and stayed in for 4 hours. That gave me the incentive to continue my involvement with Insight. The top-level program is Insight IV. I contacted Insight and said I wanted to do the next Insight IV. I was told it would be in Santiago, Chile. So I turned up in Chile not realising English is not widely spoken there. At the airport I discovered no was going to meet me. So I called the contact number a found out what to do. Next step was to use my guidebook to explain to the locals where I wanted to go. I spent 27 days there and was able to get by in Spanish by then.

Anyway the main purpose of the course was presentation skills. I managed to do a very basic first presentation in Spanish. By the end I had a video that proved to me I could do presentations in front of at least 60 people.

Well since then I have gone through many of the big names in home business opportunities including Herbalife, Nikken and ACN. All of these companies I mentioned are still in business. Once again the real problem has been me. Although I continued with self-development and travelling I still sucked at selling and promoting my home business opportunities.

The issue as I see it now is that in order to do well in a home business you have to work on yourself as well as on the business. I found that this is possible in my new venture with Prosperity of Life.

Prosperity of Life is not MLM, No Cold Calling nor do you need to promote to friends and family.


Booming Online Business

I invite you to take a look even if you have no interest in the opportunity.

Alex McMillan

Onwards Toward Freedom


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