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If you want to add a Remarketing Pixel on a Fan Page to create a Custom Audience, I have good news. By adding an App to your Facebook Fan Page you can install the remarketing pixel and build your Custom Audience.

► What is a Remarketing Pixel?

A Remarketing Pixel allows you to retarget the people who visited your page with ads on Facebook. In your Facebook Ads Manager you can locate your Remarketing Pixel, it is a pixel code. By installing this pixel code onto a Fan Page App, you will create a unique “Custom Audience.”

►► Why Do I Want a Custom Audience?

Facebook advertising is different than Google. On Google you create an ad and bid your money on keywords. On Facebook, you create an ad and pay to run it to an audience. A Custom Audience is a list that you created. A targeted Custom Audience will allow your ads shown more often, get a higher click thru rate, and ultimately cost less to run.

Note: You need at least 20 unique visitors before you can run Ads to your Custom Audience. When you have at least 100, you can multiply your Audience by using the “Look-a-Like” feature.

►►► Explanation of a Look-a-Like Audience:

With this feature, Facebook will search it’s own database for profiles who have commonalities to your Audience and return a new Custom Audience (usually 1,000,000 or more), so you can run your ads to new people with similar interests. Needless to say, the higher quality Custom Audience you start out with, the better Audience you will get in return.

If you want to learn how to install a Facebook Remarketing Pixel on a Fan Page App we also posted more information on our Facebook Fan Page.

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