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Stop wasting your Facebook ad clicks to Amazon.

Hello again. This is Jon Griffin and what I want to cover today is, people are using Facebook advertising, which is great for authors because of the targeting that’s available, but when you send your ad, especially to a perma-free book or a 99 cent book you’re not going to get 100% of the people either take the free download or pay the 99 cents or whatever. In essence, those people are lost to you on Facebook for building a custom audience. If you have your own website, that’s easy. You send them there and you can have a little tracking link that Facebook gives you, and it automatically will build your custom audience for you. There are a couple tricks you need to learn. I’ll cover that in a separate video, especially if you have more than one author or a pen name or maybe you’re a publishing company and you have a few. You want to separate those but that’s very easy to do on a website that you control.
The issue is what happens when you send them to Amazon or to Barnes & Noble or anywhere else and they don’t buy your book. In essence, they’re wasted. In fact, sending them to Amazon, they’re pretty much wasted anyway because you don’t even get an email and you can’t build your Facebook custom audience until very recently. Now what I want to say is there’s a new … it’s not really a new company but it’s a third party that you can use that will actually forward the traffic to Amazon or to Barnes & Noble or wherever else you’re sending your advertising to. They’ll throw that little tracking link to Facebook in so that you know who people are that are clicking and they can actually build up your custom audience.
You start getting things like this: five cents, seven cents to the UK, five cent, four cent clicks. That’s what you’re looking for: nine, eight, ten percent click-through rates depending on the day the prices go up and down. I know some people are getting better than that but 99% of the people I’m talking to today will be more than happy with a seven or a five cent click. How am I doing this and keeping track of building a custom audience?
The first thing you need to do really, if you don’t have them, is build audiences. What I’m going to do right now is click on over and if you’re on ads manager you go down here to audience. If you have a bunch built it will tell you. You’ve got target groups, you’ve got custom audiences, and you have lookalikes. The first thing you want to do probably is build a custom audience. That’s what I’m doing. You can see I have some from my website, and some are actually on the way to Barnes & Noble or they’re to Amazon. It doesn’t really matter. Anything off of Facebook they’re going to market as a website. If you created a target group, let’s say certain authors or whatever, then that will show up as save target group. Terminology gets confusing because they’ve changed a few times.
Anyways, what we want to do is basically you’re going to create an audience if you don’t have one already. I do keep track separately of website vs. Amazon/third party buyer audiences but you could combine them. There’s a way to do it. I’ll leave that as an exercise for you or you can leave me a comment and I’ll go into it in more detail but I don’t want to overwhelm everybody. We have create audience.

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